Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 30 - A picture of someone I miss

I am one of those very lucky people (touchwood) who have only lost very few of my close friends or family.

I lost my Uncle Andy when I was about 18, but given that he lived in Mt Isa, it sometimes still feels like I could drive up there and visit him.  I know that's not the same for my cousins, but for me, it can sometimes be difficult to fathom he is actually gone.

So when I choose the person I miss, I have to say it is the person I lost next who I miss, and who I think about a lot.

This is my Nana and Grandad Skerman the night that my parents got engaged.  She is my dad's mother, Thalia, a remarkable, capable, resilient woman.

She passed away when Jordan was 13 months old.  I only wish Jordy could have known her (and of course Hayden too).  Nan was so proud of Jordan, and we have some beautiful shots of her sharing some time with her before she passed away.